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Coolhunt #Uno.

Studded Swimsuit.

What it is?
It’s a Norma Kamali Studded Swimsuit.

Why its cool?
This swimsuit is cool because it’s different then other swimsuits.
It’s sexy,feminine, and above that: Beyonce wears the same in the videoclip, Ft Lady Gaga :Video Phone.


Coolhunt #Dos.

Ruby Helmets.

What it is?
This is a new range of luxury motorcycle helmets from Ateliers Ruby is “good looks – for everyday heroes and heroines”. Which is just too cute. So is the story behind them. And thats why its cool.

Why its cool?
Parisian designer Jerome Coste drew on Steve McQueen iconography, old-school racing cars and quite possibly the six separate head traumas he’s survived when he set about developing the Pavillion range of motorcycle accessories for Ruby. The ‘inside garnish’ is a soft lining of decadent burgundy nappa lambskin, chosen for its comfort and anti-bacterial properties. Henceforth providing a ‘reassuring cocoon’. Clearly a design pedant is given to this helmet:

A unique signature quirk – a small crest that runs along the top.

The Pavillion range is available in three colours Shibuya (peppermint, named after the Tokyo Shopping District), Concorde (black) and St Honore (white) and are accompanied by an equally sweet range of twill silk scarves in various retro racing car shades.

Coolhunt #Tres.


What it is?
Yumaki is a professional dental care brand that offers high-quality oral hygiene products that comes as new models & collections every season. Flexible & ergonomic handle made in degradable plastic with medium stiffness nylon bristles.

Why its cool?
The 2010 Originals collection is tailor made to meet the high functional & stylish expectations of the urban man/woman and comes in a colorful range of 18 all very modern designs and color selections that has never been seen as toothbrushes before. And Yumaki will send you a new toothbrush exactly by the time you need one.

Coolhunt #Cuatro.

Chanel Briefcase.

What it is?
Its a Chanel Briefcase, that Karl Lagerfeld presented in Paris.

Why its cool?
Its a poised, elegant and mostly black take on power suiting for Chanel that included this fantastically witty take on the working gal’s (woman) briefcase. Lets’ hope that it’s not just a prop for the catwalk. Surely,someone out there could pull it off in the real world. It’s highly functional, after all.


Coolhunt #Cinco.


What it is?
Its a incredibly unique luxury bath concept, which turns the traditional bath on its head, literally.

Why its cool?
It’s like a giant art installation for your bathroom – its also multi-purpose, transforming from bath to shower as the whole unit revolves.

Coolhunt #Seis.

Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini Kayak.

What it is?
A kayak that is clear but also bulletproof. Protection and more while still having fun at sea.

Why its cool?
The possibility to own a glass bottom boat! Well, not exactly glass but certainly transparent and not quite a boat but a very sleek kayak. The Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini  is an all-transparent two-passenger kayak made out of polycarbonate which is the same durable material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies.

Coolhunt #Siete.

Indoor spa.

What it is?
Its a spa that brings the natural world into your home. Unconstrained by conventional bathroom concepts, the Seaside bathtub becomes a part of the furnishing, a place for relaxation to be shared and enjoyed. Linear and sophisticated at one and the same time, the design of the Seaside tub reinterprets and enhances living space, creating a permanently tangible thrill.

Why its cool?
The new Seaside takes the indoor spa to a whole new level. What is great about the Seaside is not only the way it looks, but the ideology behind it. Named after the four elements, the Seaside’s features are as follows. Water: The illuminated waterfall flows in a ribbon of light. Air: The delicate blower disperses millions of tiny bubbles. Earth: The seating area is raised and enjoys a gentle intrusion of subtle waves. Fire: The underwater light and temperature controlled heater keeps the spa cosy in colder climates. Aside from these fundamental elements, you would be hard pressed finding a spa that is more seamless in its design and more luxurious in its form.