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Urban Normad/Gadgets #Uno.

YUBZ – USB (Skype) Phone

We’ve seen those ironic retro handsets that work with cellphones before, but this works on an actual computer for VoIP capabilities. The Yubz Talk Online phone is a USB phone that looks retro on the outside, but actually supports pretty much any VoIP program you have (Skype, Google Talk, etc.) and works with either a PC or a MAC.
They are designed to be ergonomic and user friendly.

You do get to take off your pants and work on a computer while you chat,work or something else were you need your both hands for—something we’ve been looking forward to since 1983.


Urban Normad/Gadgets #Dos.

The i-Deck

This caught our eye – mainly because of how strange it looks – a cross between an old time gramaphone and a record deck playing a 12-inch vinyl picture disc. It is in fact the I-Deck, an invention by British designer Michael Kennedy.

It’s not just about looks – it’s actually a rather clever piece of kit. Essentially it’s just another dock (speaker system) for your iPod, but with a heavy emphasis on the sleeve art – neglected in the digital age.Plug your iPod into your I-Deck and the album art is displayed on the touchscreen LCD screen like a large record. The screen also serves as the control for your iPod – flick the screen to skip a track, fast forward by spinning the screen. And to play – just turn it.

Instant Gratification #Uno.

Openaire Foldable Office

Openaire is a laptop carrying case, work surface and a chair in one.  This product is founded by Nick and Beau Trincia.

This product is cool because it can be a product that urban nomads want to use.” Urban nomads” is a group that fits to the trend instant gratification. Instant gratification means that they want it here and now. And the urban nomads want to work everywhere and the prefer access to internet. This product fits seamless in their needs. With this product they only need a laptop case and they can make a whole office out of it, so they can work everywhere.