Instant Gratification # New

Edible pen

What it is?
The edible pen is product made by Dave Hakkens. Most people want to chew on something when they are concentrating, this pen is the solution, you can it him! Dave Hakkens made different types and find out that the best material for this pen is kind of a peppermint. The nice thing about this candy is that it doesn’t feel dirty after you have eaten it. One pen contains twenty pieces of candy.

Why it’s cool?
This product relates to the trend instant gratification. Instant gratification means that people want their things here and right now and they of course want it to be good. This pen shows the mentality behind this trend. People like to chew on something to concentrate better, with this pen they don’t need two different things, they have it all in one. This kind of products let you see that people are thinking differently, they want to be the most efficient as they can be.

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