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De taart van mn tante

What it is?
De taarte van mn tante is a place in Amsterdam where you can drink a cup of coffee and get all sorts of cakes. When you enter this place it feels like you are walking into an exploded birhtday party of a 8-year-old girl. There is a lot of pink and flowers in here. You can not only get princesscake, but you can also just get a piece of apple pie, if you are not that experimental. Taart van mn tante does not only have a konditorei, but it also has a bed and breakfast called: cake under my pillow.

Why it is cool?
You really get the feeling that you are in an other world, with al those decorations and colours. It’s feels like you are at someone’s home. You can also celebrate your birthday here and it still feels like it is just as cosy or more as home. This is a very good thought concept. I went to Amsterdam, and take a look at Taart van mn tante, and it is really worth the trip!


Experience Economy #


What it is
Lodekka is a double-decker bus located in Portland, Oregon. Erin Sutherland found the bus and renovated it with friends. She transformed the bus into a vintage clothing shop. You can find a lot of vintage clothes there,  but not only clothes, you can also find old books and other things.

 Why it is cool
I like the idea of the old bus, it is a very good decor for the vintage clothing. It is also very smart how she managed to put al the clothes in such a small space and make a whole little shop of it. It is a real experience to shop in a bus, and every clothing piece you find over there has his own story, because Sutherland spend half of her week shopping for clothes.

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 Vittra Home Collection

What it is?
The new home of  Vitra’s Home Collection, has been covered widely by design media, and not in vain. It is a beautiful example of Jacques Herzog’s and Pierre de Meuron’s ability to take the ubiquitous stacked-houses concept and still make it look new, interesting and inviting.

Why its cool?
Vitra House is geared toward the general public, design-aware consumers who will appreciate the building as well as the Vitra products inside. The entire contraption appears both grandiose and intimate at the same time, with the gray exterior disguising the disheveled heap within the site, while the open glass-walled ends and stark, white interiors facilitate the presentation of residential-scale displays. Vitra House is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Vitra Campus that started as an industrial park with the manufacturing facilities.

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What it is?
Why its cool?

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Victor & Rolf  ‘Deluxe Xmas Set’

What it is?
It is a christmas package of the fragrance “flowerbomb” from Victor & Rolf.

Why its cool?
It gives an extra feeling with christmas to give this deluxe christmas set to some one.
This luxury box contains the Eau de Parfum, Body Lotion and a miniature of an Eau de Parfum.

Coolhunt Experience Economy #Cuatro.


What it is?
The experience economy, showing what kind of value add experience can bring to products and services.

Why its cool?
Starbucks is a well understood example. The actual cost of producing the cup of coffee is just… well, close to nothing. The rest is value that we perceived from experience.