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Human Movement # Technological Development


Sensor on swimglasses measuring base frequency.


A Sensor in the swimglasses on measuring the rate frequency of the swimmer. Innosportlab, the company who design this sensor comes again with an innovation that enables athletes the further in top swimming.

 With sensors on the swimming goggles we measure the number of beats per minute. The athlete moves in a certain pattern and the sensors record the rhythm in which that happens. You can show the results in real-time on a laptop of smart phone. That offers the ability to the swimmer to provide feedback directly. It also provide time to analyze a swimmer-in-action games numerous technical, physical, and personal factors. Think next to battle time, battle lengths and heart rate frequency.
The ultimate goal of this project is to eventually bringing together all these InnoSportNL gave data on one point. Using this is, even synchronized with images, very accurate and well-founded presently possible rulings on engineering, physical and claims of the swimmers.