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Instant Gratification # New

Edible pen

What it is?
The edible pen is product made by Dave Hakkens. Most people want to chew on something when they are concentrating, this pen is the solution, you can it him! Dave Hakkens made different types and find out that the best material for this pen is kind of a peppermint. The nice thing about this candy is that it doesn’t feel dirty after you have eaten it. One pen contains twenty pieces of candy.

Why it’s cool?
This product relates to the trend instant gratification. Instant gratification means that people want their things here and right now and they of course want it to be good. This pen shows the mentality behind this trend. People like to chew on something to concentrate better, with this pen they don’t need two different things, they have it all in one. This kind of products let you see that people are thinking differently, they want to be the most efficient as they can be.


Instant Gratification #


What it is?
MiNiBaR is a new kind of bar. A bar where you never have to wait for service again because it’s all about self-service. You and your friends can check in with a concierge who’ll provide you with a key to one of the 45 MiNiBAR fridges. These fridges are stocked with premium quality beverages and snacks. Each MiNiBAR contains all the classics like beer, wine and spirits, as well as a few surprises. You also can pick something to eat out of the fridges or you can order a menu of fresh sushi and seasonal dishes. MiNiBAR is located in the centre of Amsterdam.

Why it is cool?
MiNiBAR is very cool because, it has everything in it to satisfy the instantaneous gratification. You can help yourself and you don’t longer have to wait for you drinks or food. Also the design of MiNiBAR is very impressive. Just to see al those fridges, it’s a lovely concept.

Instant Gratification #Uno.

Openaire Foldable Office

Openaire is a laptop carrying case, work surface and a chair in one.  This product is founded by Nick and Beau Trincia.

This product is cool because it can be a product that urban nomads want to use.” Urban nomads” is a group that fits to the trend instant gratification. Instant gratification means that they want it here and now. And the urban nomads want to work everywhere and the prefer access to internet. This product fits seamless in their needs. With this product they only need a laptop case and they can make a whole office out of it, so they can work everywhere.

Instant Gratification #Dos.

Polaroid POGO Printer

Polaroid’s leap back into instant photo gratification with POGO, an ultra-portable photo printer using zero ink technology from Zink. I was pretty stoked about the device; Ita a decent method to print out some mobile pictures.

The POGO prints while plugged in, but this is a mobile gadget and meant to be carted around in a messenger bag. the construction is solid and metally.

Instant Gratification #Tres.

The Tweeting Kettle

Gemak dient de mens zo ook deze tweetende waterkoker voor de twitterende mens. Zodra het water in de Kettle That Tweets kookt, geeft de waterkoker je via Twitter een seintje zodat je weet dat je je thee’tje kunt inschenken.Een extra feature van deze waterkoker is dat dit product ook nog eens gegevens over je water-kook-gedrag bij kan houden. Zo kan de Kettle je vertellen hoeveel kopjes koffie of thee je per week drinkt en hoeveel energie je hebt bespaard door de Kettle te gebruiken.

Instant Gratification #Seis.

Waku Waku

This unique sustainability fast food restaurant interior design concept is located in Hamburg’s city centre German. This sustainability restaurant concept pervades the entire technical restaurant equipment – from energy-efficient kitchen technology, to the team uniform made from FAIRTRADE-certified materials, to economical hand dryers in the toilets. The designer manage to translate the principle of sustainability into an overriding architectural concept.

What it is?
The restaurant space is divided into two main zones: the dining area and the service area. On entering the restaurant, the customer first encounters the narrow end of this box. It is painted a strong shade of violet – WakuWaku’s corporate colour – thereby creating a powerful upbeat and strong brand staging. Two digital menu boards suspended from the ceiling display the current menu and images of the food on offer in alternation.

Why is it cool?
The design of the service unit signalises urbanity and speed, both trademarks of WakuWaku. The colourful, lacquered surfaces form a dynamic contrast to the expanses of stainless steel and the service counter, with its natural white, ceramic, mosaic tile surround. The intricate nature of the mosaic also represents the care and attention invested in preparing the fresh products. It’s a healthy restaurant, for fast food. Above that: It’s all about sustainability.